HRI Online 2022
Key Collaborations in Homeopathy Research

HRI Online 2022

The Homeopathy Research Institute’s online research conference was a chance to explore both the exciting developments and unique challenges of homeopathy research. The HRI team were delighted to host this dynamic event, bringing together the leading organisations in the field from around the world, to present and enjoy a programme dedicated solely to high-quality scientific research.

HRI Online 2022 was a one day event, providing a rare opportunity to learn more about key organisations driving forward research in the sector, as well as the latest work by various teams around the world, including HRI. 

Conference Overview
The theme of this event – Key Collaborations in Homeopathy Research – demonstrated our commitment to fostering collaboration at an international level, for the benefit of the sector as a whole. The exceptional programme consisted of presentations by 12 speakers all of whom had given keynote presentations, either at previous HRI conferences or other international conferences. 

Continuing Professional Education 
Estimated learning time for CPE/CPD credits 7hrs 

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25 June 2022

Title Sponsor

Entire programme of keynote-level speakers

HRI Online 2022 welcomes scientists, clinicians, educators and practitioners from around the world to explore the landscape of homeopathy research.

Filmed presentations
Filmed presentations are available on the Whova platform until 25 September. Please contact the Events team if you have any problem gaining access.

Conference report

We are pleased to share the HRI Conference Report, providing an overview of the day’s proceedings.