Aaron Ka Lun To


Aaron Ka Lun To

Living homeopathy

Aaron To Ka Lun established the homeopathic centers “Living Homeopathy” in Hong Kong and Macau in 1994. The number of visitors grew up to more than 220,000 to date, i.e. every 1 in 35 people in Hong Kong have visited Living Homeopathy at least once.

Aaron led the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy (HKAH) and the Macau Association of Homeopathy (MAH) since 2005. These two associations became member of the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH) in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The two associations organize homeopathic conferences and exhibitions, attracting an attendance of more than 3.000 people. They have ongoing meetings with governments in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan on regulations of homeopathy.

Aaron is active in training professional homeopaths and researches, the first cohort study of homeopathy in China was finished in 2016. In collaboration with Zeusoft, he created the first fully fledged Chinese homeopathic software. Aaron ‘s team also finalized the first complete Chinese translation of Kent’s Repertory, William Boericke’s Repertory and Materia medica, which has been made available with RadarOpus. New books in Chinese are being added and more translations of classical homeopathic literature are in process.